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Boom Boom Chicken, Chicken & Gin Bar

boom boom distilled
pünk gin and 25 other gins

Join us for an unforgettable journey through New Zealand's finest gins, as we showcase the best of our local distilleries, plus some gin Boom Boom distilled ourselves.


Sip on a range of hand-crafted gins, each with its own unique blend of botanicals, while our gin expert guides you through the tasting notes and history of each spirit. 

Book your Gin Tasting experience today and discover the diverse world of gin with us at Boom Boom Chicken, Little High Eatery.

Here's a few of our favourites..

Boom Boom Chicken, Gin & Tonic
Boom Boom Chicken, Gin & Tonic

Black Robin Gin

A locally produced gin made in New Zealand with organic botanicals and Horopito. As a result, the gin has a robust flavour, and peppery heat.Sales from each bottle go toward preserving the endangered black robin species. 

Boom Boom Chicken, Gin Tasting

Scapegrace Blood Orange

A bold and bright gin locally produced in New Zealand. It has a vibrant orange hue and can be enjoyed neat, with tonic, or in cocktails

Boom Boom Chicken, Gin Tasting
Boom Boom Chicken, Gin Tasting

Strange Nature

A full bodied New Zealand gin that boasts classic natural flavors, combining fruity and tropical with herbaceous and zesty notes. Each sip provides a mix of sweet and savory flavors.


$55pp available any time, any day, any guest number

booking for large group over 10pax feel free to drop an email between 11am-5pm only; other times just walk in :)

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